Exactly we will be without live sound: did Not have time to deal with the phonograms, holograms catching up

Точно останемся без живого звука: Не успели разобраться с фонограммами, подтягиваются голограммы

In China this kind of “art” collects entire stadiums. The ticket price is about 16 thousand rubles.

In the end, we are left without live sound: did Not have time to deal with the phonograms, catching up with the hologram. There is even the presence of the singer does not need. Even just revealing his mouth.

In China “awesome” sack the singer is a hologram. It’s called Luo Tianyi. This monster collects sickly stadiums. People specifically drags and “buying” for conventional computer graphics.

Moreover, this “Canary” really started his own account on the local social network. The number of subscribers exploded to 3 million.

However, surprising it was quite easy. On the creation of this image worked more than 200 specialists. To implement the project, it took them six months.

At the same time, to replace live musicians playing at concerts Luo Tianyi on their instruments, “creators” not yet.

However, the price for the tickets, visitors do not pay for them, but for the hologram.

Looks like the real singers in China, indeed, gone.

In Russia, though not all with good voices. Although many “mow” under the plywood, to put in place their “toon” not yet solved.