Exchange bent iPad Pro possible. The main thing – to find an approach

Обмен гнутых iPad Pro возможен. Главное - найти подход

The reluctance to recognize the new Apple iPad Pro with a bent chassis that come with a factory, a manufacturing defect, more than kompensiruet the helpfulness of the Genius Bar employees and authorized service centers. As it turned out, sometimes they are in the position of users complaining about the violation of the geometry of the tablet, and give workers the exchange of the defective device to a new that are sometimes on the verge of legality.

According to a Reddit user with the nickname hexcruncher he was not fortunate enough to buy the iPad Pro, the frame had a noticeable bend. Then he, feeling that the truth is on his side, turned to the nearest Apple Store. As you might expect, coming to stand hexcruncher employee Genius Bar said memorized phrases that a small geometry distortion is a cosmetic flaw that in no way affects the performance of the tablet and is not considered a marriage.

How to convert iPad to new

However, says hexcruncher after specialist said what you had to say on the regulations set by the management of the company, he seemed kinder and obvious desire to help the customer said: “If you want to exchange dented iPad Pro, you will have to pay for it. But if your instance, for example, problems with Wi-Fi, according to the rules I would be obliged to order you a replacement. So what happened with your iPad?”.

hexcruncher took the hint and gave the Apple employee Store is an expected response. He confirmed that his iPad Pro does not work with Wi-Fi networks and that this was the main reason for his conversion to the Apple Store, not a violation of geometry of the body, as stated previously. Surprisingly, the Genius Bar technician confirmed the warranty was up and after completing the necessary formalities, file your return with the subsequent replacement of the tablet for a new one.

It is not known whether this story is true. It is possible that hexcruncher just invented it, but, perhaps, everything he described happened to him really. Whatever it was, we would not recommend to rely on it 100% and expect that to replace your sample with broken geometry will be just as easy. In the end, the human factor has not been canceled.