Exchange of prisoners: all the details

Обмен пленными: все подробности

The exchange takes place according to the formula “all agreed all agreed”

On December 29 planned the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the so-called “LDNR”. It is expected the release of about 200 people from both sides. The latest news on how the exchange – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Place and date of the exchange of prisoners

Kiev and representatives of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions agreed to conduct a large-scale exchange of prisoners on December 29.

In the Russian media appeared information about the most probable location of the operation – checkpoint “Maori” in the Donetsk region.

The conditions of return of prisoners

At a video conference on 23 December, the contact group on settling the situation in Donbas agreed on the modalities of the exchange to the end of 2019 in the format of “all installed all installed”.

However, the approval of the final formula was delayed due to clarification of the number of prisoners to be exchanged. The procedure of final verification was scheduled for December 28.

The lists on the exchange

According to the “Ombudsman” unrecognized “LDNR” Daria Morozova, in their lists on the exchange were included 53 people, and the Ukrainian side confirmed 87 people who agree to send ORDO.

The representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group TKG Valeria Lutkovska reported that in the process of exchange may be exempt those who failed to return in 2017.

We are talking about Ukrainians who are in captivity of militants “LDNR” for 4 years after fighting in Debaltsevo, Ilovaisk.

The prisoners refused to return to “LDNR”

About 40 people, which the Ukrainian side is preparing to send representatives ORDO, for various reasons, have asked to exclude them from the exchange lists.

Among them are people who do not want to return to the territory of the so-called “LDNR”. The other part wants prisoners to serve their sentences and to remove the issue of criminal prosecution.

In this regard, on 28 December appointed a verification of the lists with the participation of the coordinator of OSCE, which should confirm or disprove the failure of prisoners to participate in the exchange.

Who will give the Ukrainian side

Ukraine is preparing to exchange the informant of fighters of “DNR”. Farmer Nikolai Butrimenko in 2014 handed over to the representatives of illegal armed groups the location of the 10 Ukrainian members of spetsnaz, after which they were shot.

The court sentenced Butrimenko to 8 years of imprisonment. However, on 26 December, the measure of restraint to the prisoner change, in connection with the inclusion of his name in the exchange lists.

Also to transfer ORDO prepare four accused in the seizure of the building of the police Mariupol in 2014. Then, during the operation killed 13 people. Evgeny Druzhinin, Alexander Strelnikov, Viktor Skripnik and Vyacheslav Biryukov wrote applications with a request to include them in the sharing list, and on December 26 the court of Mariupol released prisoners from custody.

In the lists on the exchange there were no political prisoners from the Crimea

In the exchange of prisoners on December 29 will not participate Crimean political prisoners. The Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov said that the Office of the President is not consulted on the release of political prisoners from the Crimea neither the Majlis, nor with the relatives of the prisoners of the Crimean people.

The exchange of prisoners agreed on during the negotiations Norman Quartet

The format of the exchange of prisoners “all installed all installed” was discussed in the channel summit in Paris on 9 December and was confirmed by the results of the negotiations. The participants Norman meetings agreed to an exchange until 31 December 2019.

Vladimir Zelensky saidthat in the first phase until the end of the year, the Ukrainian side plans to back 72 prisoners detained in the occupied territories of Donbass.

How was the exchange in September

The last large-scale exchange of prisoners took place on September 7, 2019. The result of the agreement reached between presidents Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian and Russian side gave each other for 35 prisoners.

Returned to Ukraine 24 Ukrainian seafarers detained in the Kerch Strait in 2018. Russia also freed 11 political prisoners, in particular, Oleg Sentsov, Roman Sushchenko, Mykola Karpiuk, Stanislaus Cliche etc.

Обмен пленными: все подробности

Обмен пленными: все подробности