Executive Director of “Dnepr-1” has explained why the club does not claim to competition

Исполнительный директор "Днепра-1" объяснил, почему клуб не претендует на еврокубки

In recent times, there are disputes about whether the rookie of the Premier League, the club “Dnepr-1”, to apply for exit in European competition next season.

Executive Director of “Dnepr-1” Andriy Rusol said that the club will not be able to participate in European competition next season, even if he will be able to go out there.

In the UEFA regulations clearly States that at the time of the start of the season in which the club is licensed in Europe, he should be 3 years. And we, as an entity, is now 2 years and 3 months
– said Rusol.

It is believed that even if a team in the championship in 2019/20 will be taken, for example, in the Europa League, to play there will not, as UEFA requires that the club not less than 3 years from the date of registration.

The question is, how far – the season in which the club won the right to play in the European Cup, or the season, where the club has already launched in Europe.

Sport 24 wrote that the journalist Igor Tsiganyk announced that the UK “Dnepr-1” will be able to play in European competitions if at the end of season 2019/20 Euro Cup will take place in the Premier League.

“Dnepr-1” is in fourth place in the standings of the Premier League after two rounds. In the first match the team of Dmitry Mikhaylenko defeated “Olympic”, and the second played a draw with Zorya.