Exercise, music, and video games will help prevent forgetfulness in old age – Suprun

Физические упражнения, музыка и видеоигры помогут предотвратить забывчивость в пожилом возрасте - Супрун

Age-related changes of the brain can be prevented

It is noted that at about 10-25% of people over the age of 70 years occur impaired memory and logical thinking, personality change due to illness or brain damage.

When talking about age-related changes in the brain, we often use the term dementia. To dementia more likely women, smokers, people with insufficient and excessive weight, physically and socially active. Additional risk factors are diabetes, hypertension, genetic predisposition, and high cholesterol, breathing problems during sleep and stroke.

To prevent this, you must: Physical exercise. You should train twice a week for 40 minutes intensely, do strength exercises, exercises for balance and endurance. The movement gives the die the neurons and supports neuroplasticity. Gives the die the neurons that are responsible for some types of memory. Music. Playing musical instruments, singing and simply listening to music have proven efficacy in slowing down dementia and improving the condition of people with memory loss. Music activates areas of the brain responsible for movement, memory and speech. Caring for the hearing. Hearing impairment can be a harbinger of dementia but a hearing aid will prevent cognitive deterioration. Sudoku and video games – they can slow down the development of dementia. But crosswords no. Vitamins B9, B12, vitamin D, Smoking cessation. Smoking damages the blood vessels of the brain and neurons Less red meat and animal fats in the diet. Increase the proportion of vegetables, root vegetables, lentils and fish in the diet. This will help keep the balance of cholesterol. The health of blood vessels: medicines to reduce the pressure, reducing salt intake and maintaining a healthy weight.