Expelled from the General staff Muzhenko spoke about the parade

Выгнанный из Генштаба Муженко заговорил о параде

Former chief of the General staff of Ukrainian armed forces Viktor Muzhenko considers incorrect the decision of the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky to cancel a military parade on Independence Day. He said this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“The cancellation of the parade is an indication that the APU is not the focus of the new government,” – said Muzhenko.

According to him, in 2014, it became apparent that the parade on Independence Day has a positive effect on the personnel of the Armed forces, because the military have the opportunity not only to read or hear that “people respect their army,” and “see it with my own eyes”.

“I am for the parade. This act of unity of the army and the people. The parade is a very positive aspect of maintaining the morale of personnel. People understand what they need, that they perform a significant task, much work for the protection of their country. And they see that the people appreciated them enough,” – said Muzhenko.

In addition, as the General said, the parade “is a signal to the aggressor that he is ready to fight back.”

Many in the military disagree with the opinion of his former “barefoot”, which has been repeatedly criticized for the fact that under his leadership, the APU was built in Soviet style traditions, and the parade were driven by the military and equipment from the area of environmental protection.

Comments military leading Apostrophe:

The commander of the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” Vyacheslav Vlasenko (owl):

“The parade is a demonstration effect to show the country’s armed forces, to demonstrate samples of the latest technology. In all countries for that parades. In addition, the parades are handed over the battle flags of military units, the veterans of the veterans. This is the place to meet. And the armed forces – the pride of our country, so I always normally applied to the parades. But the only caveat – need to look at the situation in a country at war and to determine the feasibility of the parade. If we take the situation that is now at the front, I think there are all possibilities for the parade. That won’t stop. Well, depends on who you bring to the parade. If it’s a column of veterans, cadets of military academies, screening equipment, it is possible. But if you withdraw people from the front, I, of course, categorically against”.

Officer-psychologist Alexey Skirta:

“I was born in Soviet times, so I have from childhood is irritation from the different parades. My parents have always taken on 7 Nov, may day marches and the like. But other than that I have bad memories associated with war. In 2014, when there was a parade on Khreshchatyk, I was at war in the village of Victory in Luhansk region and just at this time separable we are very much covered with everything you can. They have such a feature: they love us for the holidays “to wish.” And the same thing happened in 2015 in Starohnativka in Donetsk region. There was such a mess, and my friend died. While we have nothing to draw and parades. Let, for example, veterans will not March in the column, but just will meet those who fought. For them it would be a honor, and the technique is always the right front, because the situation is tense as before. I am afraid that on 24 and 25 August separable again send us “greetings” during the parade.”

Ex-ATU fighter, a volunteer from Donetsk Bogdan Chaban:

“From my point of view in a country that is at war, a military parade is necessary in order to show the public that the country is at war, but we have a strong army and there is a technique. In addition, it is an opportunity for the Ministry of defense to report to the society and to show what has been done: there is such a form, this sort of weapon, such a technique. This is an important and necessary moment. If you comment on the decision of the President… well, the President is the commander in chief and he has the right to make that decision. Obviously, he took it with vision. Another thing is that to offer a high quality and a good parade during the transfer of power is probably harder than usual.

About the wisdom and necessity of the parade I have no questions. This is important for the military honors service. I have a lot of friends who were in the parade last year and the year before and for them it was important to go from the front line, to come to the center of his country and in a beautiful form to go along the Central street of Ukraine. With regard to the financial costs of the parade, the money, of course, is everything, what we were not told, but it’s a question of values. If we now distribute a thousand hryvnia in the military, then there is no value. The thousand hryvnia generally will not be visible and will not change anything in the lives of those people who will get it. And in the lives of those people who will be on parade, the fact that they will change a lot. For them it will be extra proud. In society it is also a big change, in the information space – in the same way. Parade my army I have is a sense of admiration and pride. The military should be any day in the year when such feelings emerge.”

Ex-fighter APU Masi Nayyem:

“I’m not against the parade, but I think it’s just an extra. If this is done in order to raise the Patriotic spirit, then it should be done all year round, not just once a year. If this is done in order to demonstrate strength, then perhaps it is better to demonstrate in OOS, where the machines shown in parade, is not used. If it is done to ensure that the military themselves were satisfied, it is possible to be so different without technology and at the same address who really need to provide some help, not just to provide a thousand hryvnia someone in the rear. Why it’s a thousand hryvnia? Better to let them get help 300, for example, someone on 300 thousand hryvnias some dentures normal buy. I suppose it makes sense”.

Officer of the 95th separate airborne assault brigade DSV VSU Sergey Poemy:

“It’s not about the money. Yes, the finances are spent, but first, the parade is a report of the army to the people about what it has achieved over the year. Secondly, it is an opportunity to show the enemy that we have something to fight and it is also an element of information warfare. In addition, the parade is a tribute to all those who never returned from the war, starting in 2014. Finally, one should not forget that we have a war. I remember when 14-15 year war had just begun, and if a message arrives on the “two hundred”, it was a real grief and sorrow for the whole country. And now the picture is different: the people were divided, and if you hear about two or three dead soldiers per day, then it is not the mountain, and the statistics on which do not pay attention. So we have to remind that Mat to protect our state”.

Ex-ATU fighter, the participant of fights for Ilovaysk Miroslav Smoked:

“I relate well to this decision of the President. Not one parade, I did not go even after demobilization, because I was in Ilovaysk. Everything that was happening in Kiev in these days is perceived as a betrayal, but not from the government, we and so anything good from it did not expect, and of the people who rocked this parade. And when our relatives, including my wife, stood at the defense Ministry with a demand to get us out of Ilovaysk, send reinforcements or even to do something, people didn’t care and community support is almost not there. In addition, these parades seem to me amusing, as I have an idea of what equipment is, what condition it’s in, there useless. And there most useless, because in case it will not be from the host the parades, who will give the order to use this technique. The preparation for the parade mentally exhausting officers, personnel, equipment wears out and it’s not the skills that the army can use in combat. It is absolutely a waste of resource, including human. But the military award of one thousand hryvnia is also not a good idea. What is a thousand hryvnia? It is about nothing. This money could be invested, for example, in the purchase of apartments for the military from the occupied territories. It is at least 300 apartments. It would be a very symbolic gesture of support for the army. Or send the money to young military officers to study in Canada, USA or the UK. But if the population wants some kind of binding of the independence Day of the modern war for independence, it would be possible to undertake some activities with an emphasis on the consequences of war. The population wants to feel involved in the war for independence? So let the better it will feel this war is touching the theme of the elimination of the consequences”.

The battalion commander named Dzhokhar Dudayev Adam Osman:

“The decision has been made, and to keep the unity is much more important in wartime than to criticize the decision”.

Members of the Armed forces support the concept of celebrating the Day of independence of Ukraine in the new format, the center of which is people, not technology, said the chief of the moral-psychological support of the armed forces, Lieutenant General Oleg Gruntkowski, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine.

“In the events on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine will make soldiers of all genera and species of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Will integrated units of the Land forces, Air forces, naval forces, special operations Forces, Airborne assault troops”, – he told reporters on Thursday before a rehearsal of the parade on the Independence square.

Gruntkowski indicated that the format of the event compared to previous years has changed.

“The decision was made with the aim of preserving financial resources, equipment to hold the event in such a format that it will not be a military parade, but simply a procession,” – he explained.

In his opinion, should be made in the format of the celebration changes.

“The Ukrainian people and the international community see every year the same events. In this case, it was decided to change the format. But we still show that the Armed forces are, they protect our country, and their best representatives will be at the Independence square”, – he stressed.

Gruntkowski agree that the state, above all, represent the people and specific people, and assumes that the proposed format of the celebration.