Expensive and unreliable F-35 has been called one of the worst weapons USA

Дорогой и ненадежный: F-35 назвали одним из худших образцов вооружения США

In addition to the 5th generation fighter, the list of failed projects got class destroyers Zumwalt.

American experts have compiled a list of military projects that are identified as the most problematic in the industry. Along with produced the best weapons, there are programs in which trade flows are not quite in accordance with the plans.

To the surprise of many, Business Insider called the F-35 one of the worst weapons of the United States. About 2.5 years ago Donald trump has indicated that the project cost has been “out of control. The experts noted that the 5th generation fighter flies “a pretty penny” and has problems with reliability. Total cost of the program amounted to a whopping figure of $1,196 trillion.

At the same time, the Pentagon can not pay attention to the fact that the Russian analogue – the latest SU-57 is 2.5 times cheaper than the F-35 and in many respects superior to the American plane. Recently, experts from the USA has questioned the declared value of “drying” assuming a mistake or a deliberate misrepresentation by the Russian side.

However, experts from Russia “reassured” overseas colleagues showed that the SU-57 costs no more than $40 million in contrast to $85 million F-35. By the way, according to some estimates, an American plane on the parameters of “not up” to heavy multifunctional fighter, unlike the Russian SU-57.

In the project of creating class destroyers Zumwalt over 20 years invested tens of billions of dollars and, as it turned out, the battleships still don’t have a “working arms and a clear mission.” So, one 155-millimeter shell long-range costs the Treasury US $1 million In connection with this purchase of ammunition were suspended and the destroyers was left defenseless. In addition, the ships have an obvious problem with electronics and engines.

The list of problem projects were the program for the production of coastal combat ships, aircraft carriers class “Gerald Ford” and electromagnetic rail guns. They all share the high cost, unreliability and questions the wisdom of creating in the light of possible military conflicts.

Дорогой и ненадежный: F-35 назвали одним из худших образцов вооружения США

Дорогой и ненадежный: F-35 назвали одним из худших образцов вооружения США