Experience: team work in Man of Medan

Впечатления: командная работа в Man of Medan

Man of Medan is the first Chapter in the horror anthology The Dark Pictures from Supermassive Games – will be available at the end of the month, but we managed to see the first quarter of the game at a special private screening for the press. Part of the anthology the story are not related, but are United by the common theme of urban legends. The events of Man of Medan revolve around the Ghost ship Ourang Medan, which means “Man from Medan”.

It is not known whether there was such a ship at all, but the popular version says that a Dutch ship set sail from the port in a small Chinese town in Costa Rica, but never arrived at the destination. On the way to Ourang Medan gave the signal, and when the ship arrived, they found only the dead. Without any signs of violence. Before the mysterious tragedy had time to sort out, the ship exploded and sank.

Man of Medan tells the story of our days. Four young friends rent a boat in the ocean, to dive and to consider the sunken wreckage. In fact, in the tested version just shows how the characters found the most sinister ship. Like his previous creation of the authors – Until Dawn, Man of Medan is an interactive movie with many characters whom we alternately manageable.

The authors are proud of the linearity of history, where they managed to achieve. Your decisions, even the smallest, can and will influence the further course of events. It can be as slight changes in the exterior like injury from one of the characters to the new storyline scenes. For example, if one of the characters will stay sober, his script line will noticeably change. The actions of some people affect others and how you build relations between them, may in the end solve the question of life and death.

Due to the close interweaving of multiple plot threads in Man of Medan is very appropriate looks co – op- the whole game can get together with a partner. Unlike A Way Out that is completely tied to interaction, from Supermassive Games heroes at least half the time separately. And in such cases each player their scenes in different locations. You do not see the actions of the partner do not know of its decisions, and it only remains to observe the consequences and hope that his stupidity will be your undoing.

Of course, you can configure the voice chat, but the whole point is just ignorant: it is always interesting to see where you will turn the story over which you have no control at least half. The main player sees that part of the event, which will be in standard single player mode. Guest, in turn, is involved in history, those scenes that will be available to fans only solo in the “curator”, which allows you to see the story from a different point of view after the first passage. However, on release it will be available only to those who do pre-order, and for all other free is added somewhere in the fall.

Feels Man of Medan seems more intimate project than Until Dawn – there are less characters, less locations, events unfold more smoothly. As I just noted, we showed about a quarter of the game, and pass this segment failed for an hour. It means that the full passage will take four to five hours. And don’t forget to multiply the figure by two to see events from other characters in the “curator.”

Man of Medan, which is ideal for single player and co-op, and even for a fun evening in the company. A special mode allows to distribute the roles between the five people in each scene will alert whose turn it is to take gamepad in hand. The release will be on PC, PS4 and Xbox One very soon – on August 30.

Впечатления: командная работа в Man of Medan

Впечатления: командная работа в Man of Medan

Впечатления: командная работа в Man of Medan