Experts called the 5 reasons people can’t lose weight

Эксперты назвали 5 причин, по которым люди не могут сбросить вес

If you are a long time adhere to a strict diet and exercise, but the weight stands still, or, alternatively, on the scale you see even more appalling figures, you need to identify the reason for the extra pounds do not go away. As reported, nutritionists have called five reasons because of which people can not lose weight.

If you besides diet, regularly visit the gym, it may mean that excess fat goes away, but this increases muscle mass. When the power loads so happens almost always. Fat is lighter than muscle, so you should not focus on the scale, and the volume of the waist, hips and chest. Another cause of inefficient diets doctors call improper calorie counting. If you are unable to draw up a diet which will not starve, but he will be low in calories, consult your dietician. The third reason is meat. If you follow the protein diet, remember to consume only healthy protein.

The fourth reason for the failure of dieting experts call different protein shakes. Because of the consumption of such food occurs flatulence and bloating. The fifth reason lies in the effect of the plateau. Very often people throwing a certain number of kilograms, but then the weight stops at the same point on the scale. If this happens, you must revise your diet and make a so-called fasting days at least once a week.