Experts called the optimum frequency of shampooing

Эксперты назвали оптимальную частоту мытья головы

The frequency of shampooing depends on the type and structure of the hair, say the stylists of the fashion world.

If your hair is dry or coloured, they should not be washed more than twice a week. The owner of oily hair, on the contrary, have to do it out of necessity – as soon as the hair loses its neat appearance.

In addition, misuse of water procedures, not recommended for brunettes. Shampooing more than twice a week is fraught with loss of the natural Shine of the hair.

“It’ll dry my hair, not only because you remove some beneficial natural fats, but also because, most likely, you will often dry them with a Hairdryer,” warns Justin Anderson.

In addition, the habit of washing your hair as often as possible leads to the result desired back: stimulates the sebaceous glands, which means that the fat is produced in larger quantities.