Experts called the TOP 10 most unusual cars

Эксперты назвали ТОП-10 самых необычных автомобилей

Sometimes the car can have a comfortable cabin and intimidating exterior design. Experts have named the 10 models with the controversial appearance.

Opens a rating of the six-seat FIAT Multipla, which made broader for the accommodation of “extra” seats. In the end, due to the large area of glazing machine began to resemble an aquarium.

The second place Pontiac Aztec because of its unbalanced to hell. This model even appeared in the TV series “breaking bad”, where her owner was a character-a loser. Though not the most attractive cartoon design Citroen Am on a conveyor belt lasted 18 years. Perhaps the secret car is that its name translates as “friend.”

The selection came as a muscular SUV Chevy HHR, which is a little like a hippopotamus. City car Nissan Cube got highlighted square body and a strange oval Windows.

Non-standard appearance has Aston Martin Lagonda, this car stood out advanced for its time with electronics. Corbin Sparrow electric car for sale today, although to some it resembles a Shoe.

In turn, the limousine Tatra, manufactured in Czechoslovakia, compared with a locomotive due at the center of the headlamp Assembly. Suzuki X90 failed its rounded forms that do not tally with off-road capabilities of the machine. TOP 10 van Sang Yong Rodius – he did not like many of his “stern”.

Эксперты назвали ТОП-10 самых необычных автомобилей

Эксперты назвали ТОП-10 самых необычных автомобилей