Experts called the TOP 3 Soviet SUVs that are popular now

Эксперты назвали ТОП-3 советских внедорожников, которые популярны и сейчас

In the Soviet Union knew how to build SUVs, used both military and ordinary citizens. Experts have prepared a selection of the most popular Soviet off-road vehicles, which are used in our time.

He headed prepared a rating of the legendary VAZ-2121 “Niva”, which is produced at AVTOVAZ since 1977. Hood space of “Fields” is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 80 HP, which interacts with a 4-speed manual transmission.

The second position is occupied by UAZ-469, which later became the UAZ “hunter”. This car is equipped with 75-horsepower gasoline unit and manual gearbox for a four speed.

TOP 3 closes the LUAZ-969, created in the 1960s as a military amphibious vehicle. He got into the engine compartment 1.2-litre 40-strong installation, and that is the main drawback of this machine because of the frequent overheating of the motor.