Experts called the top 5 most comfortable for sleeping cars

Специалисты назвали топ-5 самых удобных для сна автомобилей

Sometimes travelers have to stay overnight in your own car for various reasons.

Experts iReactor compiled a list of the five best cars in which to comfortably spend the night.

In the first position of this list is located Japanese car Mitsubishi Outlander. Charismatic and comfortable car known Asian manufacturer gives you the opportunity to sleep properly due to its parameters.

In second place is Renault Duster, where with a strong desire for sleep clear away the area with a length of up to 190 cm with a metre wide.

Closes the top-3 list of Nissan X-Trail, allowing you to relax during the day and night in the area of 175 cm the Big advantage of this vehicle is the ability to sleep three if necessary.

The Russian-made car UAZ “Patriot”. To sleep comfortably is quite simple, if the driver performs manipulation with the interior.

The last, fifth position at another domestic version – LADA Vesta SW Cross, where sleep is much better than in bed, especially if it happens on the street. You need to remember that instead of the mattress you can apply tourist and foam before the vacation it is better to open the car door. It is important to turn off the battery, because as a functioning unit is able to harm personal health.

Most of the above models has a sleeping area of 190 cm Is not much, but enough for relaxation, whereas, in the reserved seat standard shelf length is less than 167 cm