Experts called the top 5 popular car with a dodgy suspension

Эксперты назвали топ-5 популярных автомобилей с ненадежной подвеской

Experts have made a rating of 5 popular in Ukraine car models with unreliable suspension. About it writes portal Toamasina with reference to


The rankings were the popular German sedan Volkswagen Passat B5. Recall, this family was released in 1996. I wonder what suspension the car was not that bad, but its design is very complex. But in order to maintain the car need a special tool. All this makes the repair of the “popular” machines are very expensive.


The image of the car has not saved him from serious problems. For example, in 2004, the manufacturer conducted a revocable campaign because of the rapid wear of the front suspension arms. There were even cases of complete destruction of the support arm.


The model with the index, the C5 was introduced in 1997 and produced until 2004. The front suspension of the car is made of aluminum. It is lightweight, but less durable than steel. In addition, and more. Now set levers of a front suspension is about 10,000 UAH for a used car lot. Multi-link rear suspension four-wheel drive versions quattro hardy, and the rear beam is almost eternal. But if it starts strong “Jordan rubber” rear axle “cure” this disease will only replace the beams.


The sedan of the third generation quickly wear out the rack and sleeve stabilizer front axle, fail and other suspension components. Often need replacement cushions auxiliary beams. In addition, the car mercilessly attacking the rust. So before you buy raise your Mondeo on the lift and inspect.


The Germans developed the model jointly with FIAT, a hatchback arrived in 2006. Apparently, the Italians the car and took a “soft” design. In the Corsa it is impossible to say exactly how long the tie rod end. Sometimes it is enough to go in the pit or bury your wheels into the curb to bits “came to an end.” Also often fail wheel bearings and quickly wear out the springs.

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