Experts called the way to determine the true mileage of the car

Эксперты назвали способ определения реального пробега авто

To give mileage can brake discs.

Experts tell how to determine the real mileage of the car. If you want to sell transport on the secondary market drivers can resort to various tricks, trying to get more money.

To recognize deception when buying a used car can be, if you pay attention for a few moments. You need to assess the degree of wear of the brake discs, which in most cases normally serve from 80 thousand to 120 thousand km. ideally change them with a second set of pads. We need to assess the chamfer of the brake disc, and if it is great, but the disc itself is less than 10 mm, the mileage is more than 100 thousand km. In the case when they do have time to change, so trucks passed even more.

To give mileage and can bus designed for 50 thousand miles. If the seller claims that the car’s age 5 years have passed the said distance, then it must have a “native” tires. When the rubber is new, it is likely that the twisted mileage.

Chips and scratches on the glass and the body is usually said about the age of the machine and the way it passed. The more, the longer the vehicles on the road.

The degree of wear of the interior also reveals the age of the car. Special attention should be paid to the upholstery of the steering wheel, cloth armrest, fading of the seats and the floor carpet.