Experts: cooked sausages – “it’s not only valuable fat…”

Эксперты: вареные колбасы - «это не только ценный жир...»

The world health organization (who) has recognized the sausages of equal harmfulness of Smoking and alcohol. Specialists of the organization are asked to adhere to the norm: no more than 50 grams. on the day of the meat products.

Experts warn that frankfurters, sausages and cooked sausages are gentle handling, so buyers are sure that they are not dangerous. But the results of market research proved the dangers of sausages and cooked sausage.

In fact, experts say that their composition is about 50% of the skin, bones, offal, soy. Meat only – 7-15 %, other ingredients: flour, starch, and additives to enhance the taste. And according to the GOST of the meat should be a big part.

All the well-known “doctor” previously consisted of non-fat pork, beef, dry milk and eggs.

Expert Oksana Berdichevsky, dietitian, nutritionist, founder of the online school “architecture of the body”, said that now the sausages hard to call it meat products.

According to her, besides animal fat and skin they contain chemical elements: phosphates, nitrites, nitrates and other that makes sausages delicious and attractive.

“These meat products have no nutritional value. Moreover, they are very unhealthy when consumed regularly in food.” she summed up, adding that it is impossible to use this sausage people who are overweight; having pathology of the gallbladder and liver; gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer; suffering from atherosclerosis and gout; kidney stone disease; hypertension and cardiac insufficiency.

Experts Roskoshestvo previously told the Russians how to choose the right sausage. They confirm the above experts that the composition of cooked sausages should not be included: chicken meat and skin, vegetable proteins, cellulose and starch.

According to experts, in accordance with standards acceptable to use for cooking sausages some E-additives: dye fixing (sodium nitrite) E250, antioxidants E300, ascorbic acid, Е301, Е304, Е306.

“The composition of sausages is not allowed to mix such as E-additives like E120 and E252, which may have a carcinogenic effect. Also you should avoid and Е536: this additive has low toxicity, but manufacturers are working not according to GOST, you can use it as an emulsifier to obtain a homogeneous consistency of the product”, – stated in the message Roskoshestvo.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that in a short time in the food of Russian citizens instead of fillers, created from the waste of meat production, will be to add the shells of locusts. According to experts, it will allow to replace expensive supplements cheaper.

Currently, supplements made from shells locust develops a team of scientists of St. Petersburg University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO).