Experts estimated the odds of clubs to win the Europa League

Эксперты оценили шансы клубов выиграть Лигу Европы

After the playoffs of the Champions League and begin play-offs of the Europa League. The only difference is that the second-ranking club tournament of Europe shall resume at the stage 1/16 finals. So we will see twice as many matches.

Perhaps for the most demanding fans this compensates for the fact that in League of Europe is less famous clubs. Although, among them, still missing those who are even worthy of the Champions League final.

Take, for example, the top five contenders according to analysts Parimatch: Chelsea, Arsenal, inter, Napoli and Sevilla. Any pair formed of these commands in its own interest. Also still continue to participate in the tournament “Valencia”, “Bayer”, “Lazio”, “Villarreal”.

Of course, many of them may overlap in the final. For example, like Lazio and Sevilla, which has been drawn already in the 1/16 finals. Experts are more confident that the next will be the Spaniards, who holds the record for victories in the Europa League (62% vs. 38% among the Romans).

All the main contenders to win the tournament more than 80% that they will be in 1/8 finals. In addition, Napoli and inter all have extra motivation to win the Europa League, it’s also a guaranteed pass to the group stage of the Champions League (and 15.25 million euros as a bonus from UEFA).

The Italians doing well in Serie A, so in the Champions League they are likely to take place and so. But for Arsenal, Chelsea and Sevilla, everything is not so clear. However, it is not necessary to forget about ambitions of head coach of “Napoli” Carlo Ancelotti, he has five times won the Champions Cup (twice as a player and three as a coach), and the Europa League for him remains unconquered peak.

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