Experts expect the Ukrainians crushing victories: match preview Carnations – Ngumbu

Эксперты ждут от украинцев разгромной побед: анонс поединка Гвоздик – Нгумбу

On the night of March 31, Alexander Gvozdik in Philadelphia will hold its first defense of the title of world champion under version WBC light heavyweight title. Ukrainian will step into the ring against Dudu Ngumbu.

Tune Ngumbu is a French boxer, but he was born in the DR Congo. He has the same growth as Stevenson, and he is also older than Clove. Alexander – 31, Tune – 37. Of course, in Gumbo and more has a rich track record. He stepped into the ring 46 times. This is almost three times more often than a Stud. While the Frenchman has 8 losses (but only the early one) and only 14 wins by knockout. While Alexander never lost, and 13 Ko’s in 16 fights.

It is not surprising that analysts give Parimatch Cloves 92% to win. During the match against Alexandra Stevenson of the odds was estimated at 55%.

However, in advance to write off Ngumbu now, and wait for emergency isolation. It is not so easy opponent. For example, the battle for the title of world champion under version IBO he has only lost a split decision. Dudu is not the first time is Dating the Ukrainian boxer, he fought in Kiev, Vyacheslav Uzelkov for the title of Intercontinental champion according to WBO and won by unanimous decision.

Doudou very uncompromising, unusual moves in the ring. However, this is not much improves his technique. Here Carnations is superior to his opponent. And despite the age difference, experience, Alexander also does not hold. Ukrainian boxer a higher level, and the fight likely to take place according to his plan. This will depend on how and when he will be able to win. Another result, to be Frank, few expect to see. So many are already looking to the future, where Carnation is waiting for a mandatory title defense in the battle against Marcus brown. However, rush this Alexander should not like to underestimate tune, which is one step away from the championship belt, and this is a serious motivation.

Эксперты ждут от украинцев разгромной побед: анонс поединка Гвоздик – Нгумбу

Alexander Carnations will be the first time to defend his title of world champion in the light heavyweight division by the WBC. He got in a fight against Adonis Stevenson on 2 December 2018. Carnations sent the loonie into a heavy knockout. During the battle, 41-year-old Stevenson suffered a serious head injury and was in the hospital. He had an operation, after which the boxer was put into an artificial coma. Subsequently, the boxer opened his eyes and communicated with his family. His condition was assessed as stable, but according to unconfirmed information, he had paralysis on the right side of the body. Only 18 Feb 2019 Adonis Stevenson was released from the hospital.