Experts explained why crunches do not burn belly fat

Эксперты объяснили, почему качание пресса не сжигает жир на животе

It is useless to perform some specific exercises to lose weight in the stomach area to lose fat only in one area of the body is impossible, experts say.

Newspaper Metro has published the arguments of experts about why, for example, the bench press does not help to gain flat belly, drove with it the hated fat. So, one of the experts, personal trainer Hannah Lewis, says: to lose weight only in one part of the body through special to her measures is simply impossible.

“There is no scientific evidence that lose weight in a certain place, you can use one only exercises. You do not remove your belly fat, just doing crunches,” said Lewis.

The expert stresses that burn belly fat is possible only with total weight loss, which is feasible only when calorie deficit on the background of regular physical activity.

This view was supported by the owner of the gym Richard Tidmarsh. According to him, abdominal muscles nature is in all people – the pumping can only make them more prominent. But for this effect it is necessary to reduce the total fat percentage in the body, primarily through control over food.

At the same time, the expert said, even with diet and regular exercise, scenic six pack abs on the abdomen is an unattainable dream due to physiology.