Experts found out how much ukraitsev make an online purchase and they buy

Эксперты выяснили, сколько украицев делают онлайн-покупки и они покупают

Online shopping has become familiar to 34% of Ukrainian Internet users. The total number of our compatriots, who regularly uses the Internet has reached 66% of the total population. Such data were published by polling company GfK Ukraine omnibus reports ONLINE.UA.

Most often Ukrainians buy online shoes and clothing. The least demand of online food shopping.

13% of respondents stated that they would like to buy products over the Internet, but are unable to do so because of insufficient ease of delivery of the products in this category and a small number of shops.

Often online purchases Ukrainians make with laptops – 50%, desktop computers and smartphones 49% and 44%, respectively. The least popular for purchase via Internet are tablets – 11%.

The priority method of online payment is by credit card on the website (36%). Cash choose only 23% of buyers. 14% transfer money to the card vendor, another 14% prefer payment on delivery.

Among the obstacles for note buyers is called unwillingness to pay in advance (44%), no method of payment (26%), danger of online purchases (10%), high cost (9%) and inability to carry out online payments (1%).