Experts have called a ideal products for spring diet

Эксперты назвали идеальные продукты для весеннего рациона

Nutritionists have reminded us that spring is not the best time for strict diets, and in the spring months, most people have a vitamin deficiency, so the diet should present only the most useful products. As reported, nutritionists advise to include in the diet of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The most useful product in the spring of the experts called apples. According to them, you need to choose only the plain fruit, as they are not exposed to chemicals. In second place in the ranking of the most useful products are citrus. They are good for the body anytime of the year. 3 place ranking was shared between beet and cabbage. These vegetables are among the most affordable in the spring, they must be included in the diet because they contain virtually all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Also nutritionists advise to pay attention on the greens, garlic and onions. Beets, cabbage and greens you can cook very tasty salads and combine them with meat dishes. The last place in the rating of the nutritionists gave the dried fruits. If you decide to stick to the diet in the spring, then all sugary foods you can substitute any dried fruit that contains the whole set of nutrients.