Experts have called the best diet for diseased liver

Эксперты назвали лучшую диету для больной печени

Best diet for liver doctors believe the diet proposed by Manuel Pevzner in the early XX century. Reports the founder of the Soviet diet was able to prove how diet affects the health of patients with diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract.

Pevzner advised to eat every 2-3 hours in small portions. The basis of this diet consists of egg whites, milk and cottage cheese little fat and meat. Under complete prohibition are alcoholic drinks, canned food, ice cream, sodas and fried foods. All products nutritionist advised to eat only steamed or boiled. One serving should contain no more than 70 grams of fat. Also the doctor has advised to refuse the lamb and pork. All the dishes you can fill with low-fat sauces, but the amount of salt should be reduced to a minimum.

In the diet of people with liver problems must be present dishes such as a vegetable and pureed soups, boiled meat, vegetable salad without tomatoes, yogurt, a casserole of cheese, vegetable stew, rye bread, various porridges, boiled fish and drink from the hips.