Experts have called the best places for single journeys

Эксперты назвали лучшие места для одиночных путешествий

Travel alone have many advantages, however, only a small number of tourists is solved on these trips. As reported experts in the field of tourism said that in some places on Earth you can travel in absolute solitude, without worrying about their safety and not thinking about what you are in these places will be very boring.

First the experts put the virgin Islands. It is ideal for single travelers. Experts note that on the Islands you can enjoy fishing, sailing, diving, and sightseeing in the pristine forest, because there are tens of types of different animals. On the second place of the ranking the experts gave the Thai resort of Phi Phi. They stressed that there are no erotic show, or other entertainment, the usual for Thailand. Instead, offer secluded beaches and beautiful nature. It can investigate on-site.

On the third place of the ranking of the best places for single travelers is Iceland. This country choose romantics, adventurers or tourists who do not like noisy companies. In Iceland offers vacation for everyone: fishing, white water rafting, jeep safaris, kayaking, excursions to local Spa resorts. Experts also included in the rating of the resort of Bali in Indonesia, Jamaica, the Greek Mykonos island, Bahamas and South island in New Zealand.

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