Experts have called the main risks to tourists during the holidays

Эксперты назвали главные риски для туристов во время отдыха

Approaching the holiday season, and many Ukrainians are waiting for a trip to the sea to enjoy a beach holiday. As reported experts told about the major dangers during a beach holiday. First and foremost, if you intend to go abroad, you need to take care of your health as often the tourists spoil sunstroke, exotic diseases, respiratory diseases and poisoning.

First, before a trip abroad to stock up on the necessary medicines. In addition, during the trip do not buy food on the street, not swim in prohibited areas and properly allocate the time spent on the beach. Most importantly – do not forget to make all the necessary vaccinations. When choosing a beach focuses not on privacy and comfort, and for their own safety. The better a landscaped beach, the less risk to your health and life in General.

Never buy food at the beach, do not get alcoholic drinks during the stay in the sun. In addition, be careful about such things as the choice of transport, restaurants and accommodation. Using Internet resources, carefully read the safe place and economical vacation to not have to face trouble.