Experts have called the most cheap and effective diet

Эксперты назвали самую дешевую и эффективную диету

In order to successfully train and to speed up the process of weight loss, food that gives energy. As reported many nutritionists agree that energy for the whole day can give cereal. However, as we all know, most cereals, despite the fact that are complex carbohydrates, are high in calories.

Among them it is possible to pick just one cereal – barley, through which you can lose weight and forget about the hunger. According to experts, a diet of barley porridge is very simple, however, get involved in it impossible. Many believe that pearl barley is very heavy for the stomach, but this is misleading. A big plus is that it is the cheapest cereal, and it should not be ignored. Barley porridge should be cooked in water, without adding oil and salt, not less than one hour.

Nutritionists advise to follow this diet for five days – during this time, you can only eat porridge and drink clean water. In the next five days you add to the diet a little fruit and dairy products as a snack. In 12 days you can get rid of 5 to 12 pounds.