Experts have called the most harmful dish of Russian cuisine

Эксперты назвали самое вредное блюдо русской кухни

The most dangerous Russian dish was a hodgepodge. Doctors do not recommend eating this soup for people suffering from disorder of the digestive system.

The most dangerous among the soup of the Russian cuisine – Solyanka. It is brewed with several kinds of meat, pickles and smoked and therefore not too useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and obesity.

Not particularly useful, and mushroom soup. Not worth it is, for example, patients of the gastroenterological profile.

“There are a lot of extractive substances that stimulate the digestive tract. And if the digestive tract is in a fevered state, this prestimulate increases the damage of intestinal infection”, – cites the opinion of the dangerous meals of the gastroenterologist Vladimir Pilipenko TV channel “360”.

The number of dangerous dishes experts call all soups, cooked in meat broth. They are more nutritious, especially if you use fatty meat. It is better not there are people who have high cholesterol. In addition, the broth may contain harmful substances – because of the antibiotics or hormones in meat, reports RT.