Experts have excluded several products from the ranking of the most harmful to health

Эксперты исключили несколько продуктов из рейтинга самых вредных для здоровья

A healthy lifestyle is becoming popular in all the countries, and an increasing number of people refusing from alcohol and harmful food. As reported meanwhile, doctors said that the adherents of a healthy lifestyle often refuse products, considering them to be harmful, but in fact they are greatly mistaken.

First of all we are talking about beef and pork. There is a myth that red meat is harmful to health, and it is delicious. In fact, if you choose low-fat varieties, beef and pork will be one of the most useful products in the diet. Doctors noted that the most important thing – correctly to prepare such a product. Another product that proponents believe are harmful, is butter. The fact that natural butter must be added to the diet at least once a week. Thanks to the oil strengthens the nails, the skin becomes smooth and hair thick. Also experts advise to give up bread. If you are on diet, you can opt for rye bread, which is considered the most low-calorie.

In rating products that do not pose a threat to health, doctors have also included potatoes which can be eaten boiled, and the sugar, because glucose is necessary for each person. If you drink tea or coffee, be sure to add a couple tablespoons of sugar that your body has got the energy for the whole day.

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