Experts have found out which gender is smarter

Эксперты выяснили, какой пол умнее

Scientists have tried to find the answer to the eternal question, analyzing the research of his famous colleagues. They came to a unanimous conclusion?

A study by the international group of scientists revealed that among the male half of the population is six times more common owners have an IQ higher than 155. It is possible to stay, if not one “but”. The number of mentally retarded men are also more common, reports ChangeUA.

In women, however, there is a common denominator. Among the fair sex, intelligence circulated smoothly without a large number of spikes. About it writes portal Planet Today.

Soviet and Russian biologist, geneticist, Vigen Geodakyan, who devoted his scientific career to the study of the sexes in his works pointed out the variability of evolution. One part worked on creating new types of living beings, and the other tried to retain the existing types.

Men belong to the first category, so nature is trying to bestow upon them great mental potential. At the same time, the female body gets a more stable structure for the conservation of the species.

This believed that the big difference between men and women there. Lately the world is becoming more women gaining 155 points on the IQ test.