Experts: low-quality sunglasses is easy to get retinal burn

Эксперты: в некачественных солнцезащитных очках легко заполучить ожог сетчатки

Properly sunglasses the pupil of the eye and retina do not receive protection from ultraviolet radiation, which could lead to burns and problems with vision, said the experts.

To buy sunglasses should only in the optics, give advice to the experts. In dark glasses the pupil of the eye expands, and the street he needs a really reliable protection from the action of the sun glasses should fully absorb ultraviolet light.

Ophthalmic surgeon FGAU SMRC IRTC “eye microsurgery” named after academician Fedorov, Ministry of health of Russia Natalia Maichuk said that “the danger of the bad points is that for them the pupil dilates as in the dark in any situation, but UV-protection no.”

The expert explained that the intense ultraviolet light can easily cause burns of the retina responsible for quality and visual acuity. If the burn is localized in the Central zone of the retina, the person is able to lose vision, warned eye doctor. According to the doctor, the inhabitants of Northern latitudes sensitive to the action of intense ultraviolet radiation, for example in sea and ski resorts – in places they need increased protection.

Another expert, ophthalmologist Maria Trubilin, added that the sunglasses, even the highest quality, give you the protection only from the front rays. In those cases when the solar rays fall to the side or rear, they go on the rear surface of the eyeglass lens, and glare enters the eye. To cope with this negative effect of reflection can help a special coating.

Additionally, the experts stated that wearing glasses for protection from the sun even have children in the first days of their lives. In addition, with special care to protect your eyes from the sun should be people who already have vision problems.