Experts named the best automotive brand in the world rating

Эксперты назвали лучшие автомобильные марки мира: рейтинг

Every year analysts and auto experts, there are numerous surveys and tests to determine the best cars of modern times in various categories. Against the background of these studies also is the rating of the automotive brands.

Analytical Agency Consumer Reports has compiled a ranking of the car brands based on a social survey, conducted road tests, crash tests, and the availability of safety systems and reliability of the cars, according to Auto Informant with reference to the organization’s website.

The leader of the rating became the brand Porsche. The experts have tested three cars of the German brand and they all received the highest score and was recommended to buy. In second place is Korean company Genesis, which specializiruetsya in the production of premium cars. The bronze went to Marche Subaru. Fourth and fifth place was taken by Mazda and Lexus fits.

Worst of all, showed himself the Italian brand Fiat, which was closed by a rating of 33 brands. Also outsiders became Fiat, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Land Rover, Cadillac, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo and GMC. The experts tested a total of 36 models of these brands and could recommend to buy only one Jeep Grand Cherokee. All others received a failing grade, and dropped mark down the rating.

Эксперты назвали лучшие автомобильные марки мира: рейтинг