Experts of the West have given 12 tips on how to stop the war in the Donbas

Эксперты Запада дали 12 советов, как прекратить войну на Донбассе

14.02.2020, 09:30


Group EASGL advises to “improve the prospects for a constructive dialogue Ukraine-the Russian Federation, including Crimea,” for the sake of strengthening Euro-Atlantic security

Preferably as soon as possible to start a new national dialogue about the national identity of Ukrainians, with the participation of opinion leaders, leading scientists and internationally recognized experts. This and 11 recommendations for resolving the war of Russia against Ukraine has proposed on the eve of the Munich security conference, current and former officials and experts of the West – the so-called Group of leaders of the Euro-Atlantic security (EASGL).

Experts advise to make efforts to strengthen dialogue with neighbors “for the sake of social cohesion”, especially with Poland, Hungary and Russia: the conversation needs to touch on topics of history and national memory, language, identity and minorities, to include tolerance and respect for ethnic and religious minorities.

The remaining 11 recommendations:

1) to Restore the Donbas work of the Joint center for control and coordination (JCCC), which previously included also the Russian generals;

2) to establish military dialogue in the Normandy format on crisis management for the protection of the Minsk agreements of violations. Such a mission can operate in conjunction with SCCC or separately/in parallel;

3) provide unrestricted access and freedom of movement in the region to civilians, including the OSCE observers. Need more safe KPVV and points of effective monitoring. Should be no denials of access units of the OSCE and bans on night patrols;

4) solve the problem of missing persons;

5) develop and begin to implement a humanitarian initiative to clear;

6) as “the armed conflict has led to economic collapse on both sides of the line of contact” (so say the group EASGL), you need a plan for the economic reconstruction of Donbass, which “could include Russia” after the international donor conference. Main: restoration of critical infrastructure, health and education;

7) explore the possibility of launching free trade zones, which have been used repeatedly for the revival of the war-affected regions;

8) maintain a road map for the sanctions; determine how progress on the Minsk agreement will lead to the relevant changes in the sanctions;

9) eliminate the radiological hazards in ORDO: there are about 1200 of radioactive sources;

10) to build a dialogue between Euro-Atlantic countries to build mutual security based on the dynamic solutions;

11) to define and maintain areas where possible electoral cooperation between the EU and Russia. The human and economic ties should be developed further.

In a joint statement, “the 12 steps to greater security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic area”, the experts underlined the need for a political settlement of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.