Experts suggested, in what currency is it better to keep money in 2019

Эксперты подсказали, в какой валюте лучше хранить деньги в 2019-м

In the last few days the hryvnia strengthened. The NBU explained that a stable export revenues and the arrival of non-residents in government bonds.

“Seasonality of exchange rate fluctuations as a phenomenon in Ukraine is gradually disappearing: the population and business are accustomed to flexible exchange rate and do not panic because of the moderate fluctuations of the national currency”, – said the Governor, adding that today, speculators became more difficult to “shake” the market.

Despite these quite optimistic news the domestic currency market, the hryvnia is still hardly be called stable monetary unit and the dollar with the Euro in recent times periodically “storm”. So what’s to store their money?

Experts the financial portal claim: the best way to save money is to create your own “currency basket”.

The most important advice of experts is that the money should be to diversify – that is, as they say, “put eggs in different baskets”.

So, all their savings, experts advise to be split between several currencies. This is necessary in order to increase the price of one compensated for the fall in the other, and the total cost of the basket at least did not fall, and ideally increased. This is the essence of diversification.

For the inexperienced investor it will be enough three of the most popular in Ukraine currency – UAH, USD and EUR. Of course, you need to buy the one that is currently the cheapest.

As for the specific structure of the basket, say the experts, those who not the first year forms its own, may have their own views on this subject. For everyone else, it is sufficient to bear in mind two basic approaches.

Option 1: 50:50

In this case, the currency and national currency in the basket have the same share. Experts portal offer 30% of assets stored in dollars, 20% euros and 50% in local currency.

This option is suitable for a period of relative stability in the country. Currency protect savings against possible inflation and the hryvnia will help to earn a little.

Option 2: 75:25

In this case, three quarters of the savings stored in currency, and a quarter – in local currency. Experts the financial portal offer 50% store in us dollars, 25% in euros and 25% in local currency.

The basis of the basket currency. This option is more suitable for periods of political instability in the country, when subject to extreme fluctuations and the depreciation of the national currency.

The economist Andriy Martynyuk recalls: risk diversification means not only different currencies, but also the use of various financial instruments.

– Cleaning of the banking system “name Gontareva” so undermined the credibility of the domestic financial institutions that it will now be decades to recover, says the economist. – So the first obstacle to preservation of savings, unless, of course, as the famous hero, you have them, occurs at the stage of selecting the Bank. A way out of this situation is. You can put money on Deposit in various banks can invest in the purchase of real estate, but you can invest in themselves, spending on education, training or learning a foreign language.

And finally, those who decided to keep money in the Bank, do not forget that a large amount better to split on deposits up to UAH 200 thousand. equivalent. This is the “ceiling”, the return of which is guaranteed by the state, if your Bank falls under another “rink cleansing the banking system.”