Experts tell how to choose the Volkswagen Golf IV with a run (VIDEO)

Эксперты рассказали, как выбрать Volkswagen Golf IV с пробегом (ВИДЕО)

The car is famous for wear-resistant interior, reliable engine, but has a respectable age. The number of VAG cars is famous for popular Volkswagen Golf IV, which was sold worldwide in millions of copies.

The experts analyzed the drivers and told how to choose German hatchback of the fourth generation with the mileage. The body of the Fourth “Golf” got galvanized body, made of durable metal – as noted by the experts, it is almost impossible to push with a finger the cover of the German hatchback.

In addition, the machine is renowned for a reliable anti-corrosion treatment, due to which second-hand Volkswagen Golf IV in our day available on the market without damage. But the body should look carefully since the presence of rust could indicate that the car got in an accident. Best place to buy “Socks”, released in 2002 or 2003, as most of the problems had been resolved.

Experienced motorists are recommended to abandon the use of the automatic transmission, despite their indestructibility – service “machines” are more expensive manual transmission. 1.4-liter motor is better to buy in later versions, as they have solved the problem of squeezing oil. The 1.6-liter unit, which received mass distribution, is famous for simple design, easy maintenance and high resource. A 2-liter engine is rare, but has high reliability. 2.3-liter engine is dynamic, but buy a hatchback with him is not necessary, as the previous owners usually did not spare the engine and squeezed it out of him.

Volkswagen Golf IV was equipped with V6 and units, but these units need to be careful – these cars were often used for street racing.

Interior the Interior is typically Volkswagen Golf well maintained for 250 000-300 000 km – in the salon wear is not noticeable, but it is a problem when buying a car, which does not allow to determine the true mileage.

When choosing a German hatchback in the secondary market should pay attention to the definition of run, otherwise you should not even consider to buy. If the odometer is indicated by a mark of 200 000 km, but the steering wheel jammed, scratched panel and seats “not the first freshness”, then this figure can be multiplied twice, as experts recommend.

The only drawback of the fourth “Golf” is a solid age. It is for this reason many drivers refuse to buy German hatchback, believing it to be hopelessly outdated.