Experts told about the beneficial properties of fats

Эксперты рассказали о полезных свойствах жиров

Useful your own? tion of fats was ignored for years. Nutritionists told about them in more detail and debunk popular myths, reports

Fatty foods are harmful

Actually no, fats are part of almost each? kletochnoi? membrane fats rich? Petry? the source of energy and a perfect insulator. All sex hormones have the fat origin. They promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals, fats in the diet can prevent inflammation – neplohoi? the list for harmful.

Fatty foods promotes overeating

Fatty food improves the taste of food and forms a higher quality feeling of satiety (affecting the hormones ghrelin and Lepin) at the correct ratio. On vysokogornyh diets decreases the hunger and stabiliziruemost carbohydrate metabolism.

Fatty foods contributes to weight gain

Weight gain comes from carbohydrates in your diet, not fat. When comparing different types of diets high diet most effectine from the position weight loss and prevention of cardiovascular disease?.

Fatty foods can raise cholesterol

Fatty foods is not prichinoi? increase cholesterol, 20% of cholesterol comes from food and 80% produces the body, more cholesterol is a useful substance in our body: it is involved in the synthesis of our sex hormones!

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