Experts told about the cleanest seas in the world

Эксперты рассказали о самых чистых морях в мире

When tourists plan their holidays, in most cases they are thinking about choosing the right resort to be very clean and comfortable to stay. Reports the expert relied on the data of the Guinness Book of records and the European Agency for the environment and was rated the most beautiful seas in the world.

Experts say that the first place ranking is the Adriatic sea, and at the local resorts you can travel without concerns. However, not all resorts of the Adriatic are considered as perfectly clean. For example, experts advise not to relax close to Venice. The cleanest resorts on the Adriatic sea situated in Croatia, where 98% of the beaches are highly appreciated for microbiological indicators. On the second place ranking is the White sea. Although it is not suitable for a beach holiday, but experts recommend it for a vacation around late July early August. At this time, the water can warm up to 18 degrees. However, as the White sea is in the North of Russia, the infrastructure in the areas not developed, although there you can enjoy fishing and peaceful holiday.

Three leaders closes, another North sea – Barents sea. According to the findings of scientists, in spite of very harsh climate, tourist infrastructure in the region is growing rapidly. Unlike the White sea, the Barents is considered to be even more cold, and in summer the water temperature barely reaches 12 degrees.