Experts told about the diet with excess carbohydrates

Эксперты рассказали о рационе питания с переизбытком углеводов

Carbs should be no more than 65% of the daily diet. As reported if the number is exceeded, the body does not receive enough energy and will be disrupted in metabolic processes. Experts said that even 65% of carbohydrates in the diet is a lot, if we are talking about so called quick carbohydrates.

If you want to lose weight and get energy from the food you eat, you should exclude from the daily menu of fast carbohydrates contained in the potato chips, bakery products, sweets. To see how much of your diet is carbs, you can analyze the state of your health. If by lunchtime you are very tired, want to sleep and feel weak, that means in your diet the excess carbohydrates. A large number of carbohydrate products in the diet indicate jumps in blood pressure and constant feeling of hunger. Empty carbohydrates are absolutely useless for human health, and they can do serious harm.

If you want to lose weight and feel energetic throughout the day, 65% of your diet should be complex carbohydrates, the remaining interest is proteins and healthy fats. Complex carbohydrates nutritionists include various cereals, foods high in fiber, and greens, dairy products, fruit and vegetable juices and legumes.