Experts told what not to do when cooking eggs

Эксперты рассказали, что нельзя делать при готовке яиц

Food technologist from Spain Mario sánchez and the Director of SAIA food safety Luis Riera told what errors to do with eggs can lead to serious health problems. It is reported by La Vanguardia.

According to experts, can eat only those eggs that have not damaged the shell.

If you notice dents and cracks out eggs to throw away, as because of broken shell in the product very quickly get the bacteria there to thrive.

According to experts, before cooking the eggs do not need to wash. Because of this povrejdatee protective shell of the product. If the egg is dirty, suggest to clean it with a dry brush.

“If you put an egg in water and it floats, this means that the cuticle is weakened and the product got a lot of air. This happens with stale product. A good sign if the egg sinks to the bottom of the pan,” the experts noted.

Mario Sanchez and Luis Riera recommended carefully to fry the eggs. Hazardous microorganisms present in the egg, die only if you cook eggs at temperatures above 75 degrees. Otherwise there is a high risk to get Salmonella – acute intestinal infection.

It is a particular risk for people over 65, children under five years of age and for those who have a weakened immune system.