Explanation of the signs: what does a pimple on your nose, forehead and chin

Объяснение приметам: что означают прыщ на носу, лбу и подбородке

Sometimes, redness on the face in the form of pimples appear without good reason. The proverb explains their appearance a little differently. Our ancestors believed that a pimple on my face is not that other, as a sign, warning about important events in life. So if you happened to such trouble, don’t worry: it is better to find out what people’s signs promise.

Pimple on the nose

It is considered that if a person had a pimple on the tip of the nose, soon he will meet true love. There is another interpretation. Many believe that a pimple on the nose foretells a quick wedding. And here’s another superstition says that a pimple on his nose indicates imminent success, but also success in love and business. Herbalist believe that this kind of the mark of the child of fortune, therefore it is not recommended to squeeze these pimples. Otherwise, you can scare away luck.

The zit on my forehead

The zit on my forehead – a bad sign, a warning of the imminent altercation or family difficulties. If a pimple has popped up near the temple, expect small troubles and difficulties with money. According to another interpretation, a pimple on the forehead indicates the betrayal of a loved one, especially if you popped several pimples.

A zit on my chin

Surprisingly, the zit on my chin portends happiness, which would entail drastic changes in the fate. If the pimple is small and slightly red, then happiness will come faster. But if the pimple is large, it is likely for the happiness have to fight.

There is another interpretation of the signs. Esoteric misleading that if a person from time to time get pimples on my chin, it indicates a problem in your personal and intimate life. According to another belief, such a defect POPs up on the face of the envious. It is a kind of warning that it is time to stop spreading rumors about others.

Acne on cheeks

Interpretation of the signs is directly related to which side is popping up a pimple.

A pimple on the right cheek promises a best acquaintance, a long-awaited meeting, the appearance in the life of an influential person, a spiritual mentor or patron. According to legend, this event will attract a rapid influx of income or a promotion.

A pimple on the other cheek has a more romantic explanation. It is believed that the rash on the left side of the Bode, which will be associated with the personal sphere. Most likely, such a meeting will result in a passionate romance or a shotgun wedding. Those who have already found love, a pimple on the left side promises the emergence of a new, more passionate and vivid feelings, which will lead to better relations.