Export and import of weapons, the expert said that buys and sells Ukraine

Експорт та імпорт зброї: експерт розповів, що купує та продає Україна

“Over the past four years, Ukraine lost its positions in the export of military technology and equipment, says the newspaper Ekspress Anton Mikhnenko, the expert of Center for army, conversion and disarmament. — Because a certain part of Ukrainian exports were oriented towards Russia.

So, as of 2014 the exports amounted to more than a billion dollars. And from 2014 all the weapons that we had, Ukraine was trying to upgrade and to supply the needs of his own troops. The issue of export of faded into the background. But Ukraine is gradually regaining its position in the world. Today we export weapons almost 800 million dollars.”

— In what country?

— According to the register of conventional arms of the UN, in 2017 Ukraine has sent to Thailand 16 battle tanks BM “Oplot”, three MANPADS “Igla” in Turkey. Jordan was delivered two grenade launchers, two anti-tank missiles and 20 missiles. Two thousand submachine guns bought Uzbekistan, Mongolia — 10 carbines. Small arms buys in Ukraine of the United States. Lithuania has bought 3 launchers of anti-aircraft missile system s-125 “Neva”.

— Who Ukraine sells weapons?

— We get a service as international aid, it is not considered an import, and therefore not appear in the Register of conventional arms of the UN. In this segment in the first place, the U.S. has provided Ukraine with drones, medical cars “gamer”, missile complexes “Javelin”, night vision devices. The same support is provided by the Baltic States, Poland.

In addition, we import weapons from Europe. In particular, pistols from Slovakia, submachine guns from Turkey. The United States, we sold 30 guns, 30 rifles and grenade launchers 503.


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