Express: in some cases, the bloating requires treatment to the doctor?

Express: в каких случаях вздутие живота требует обращения к врачу?

Bloating may be a temporary reaction to food eaten, for example, with an abundance of fiber. As such, it is not dangerous. But there are times when bloating is a serious reason for seeking medical attention.

Medical professionals from the UK told me what signs indicate that the resulting distension of the stomach is not innocuous. Specified cases is described in an article published in the newspaper Express.

Bloating belching plus. This may indicate problems of the digestive system, in particular, disorders in the stomach and small intestine. According to British doctors, the perpetrators of such violations are often the bacteria Candida albicans, which aktiviziruyutsya due to the weakening of the immune system.

Bloating plus pain. In cases where in addition to swelling in the abdomen and bloating present pain, the cause of bodily discomfort could be the body’s stress response. Experts say that disorders of the nervous system can cause long-term pass bowel problems.

Bloating plus weight loss. No need to rejoice in the fact that the weight goes. In the presence of swelling weight loss is a dangerous phenomenon that requires a mandatory visit to the doctors. The fact that this combination is frequently observed in malabsorption diseases, in which impaired intestinal absorption of nutrients. The phenomenon of malabsorption may be several reasons to deal with this is to the experts.

Bloating plus problems with the skin. If for some reason, the intestine becomes less beneficial bacteria, and harmful, on the contrary, begin to actively proliferate, it can affect the entire body. Pathogens produce toxins that are absorbed into the bloodstream and spread to all organs. The skin also responds to these unpleasant changes – pimples, acne

rash, dermatitis, peeling, frequent cases of fungal infections. In cases where bloating and flatulence accompanied by abundant skin rashes, it is necessary to visit a doctor is a sign of serious internal problems.