External disk ADATA HD830 and module SPECTRIC D80 XPG received the Red Dot Design Award

Внешний диск ADATA HD830 и модуль SPECTRIC D80 XPG получили Red Dot Design Award

ADATA Technology is pleased to announce that two of its product has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2019 for excellence of design, namely, a highly reliable external hard drive ADATA HD830 and the memory module DDR4 RGB with hybrid cooling XPG SPECTRIX D80.

HD830 meets the stringent requirements of MIL-STD-810G 516.6 in the USA and can withstand a drop from a height of 1.22 meters (4 feet). Three-layer design provides full protection inside and outside, including external hard silicone case red or blue shock absorbing buffer and shock-absorbing mounting which securely holds the CD in place. Aluminum hard case HD830 not only able to withstand nasty drops and bumps, but also can withstand a 3,000 kg of down pressure, which is roughly equivalent to the total weight of fifty people of average size.

Durable aluminum shell HD830 is made with bold patterned texture surface with sand-blasted and two sturdy side columns, which give HD830 view of a true warrior. In the era of 4K Ultra HD content with high resolution, users will never be too much storage space. On HD830 they have the capacity to 5 TB.

SPECTRIX D80 – the world’s first memory module with hybrid cooling. D80 is equipped with a liquid cooler on the top side, which uses a non-conductive liquid for heat dissipation. It works in conjunction with aluminum heat sink and heat-conducting materials on the circuit Board, providing a comprehensive cooling. ADATA XPG for the first time presented the prototype of the design memory with a hybrid cooling during the 2018 CES in Las Vegas. D80 is the embodiment of vitality designs for commercial memory module.

Liquid radiator D80, equipped with a programmable RGB lighting, visually mesmerizing in any case. Users can adjust the light effects by adjusting the templates, the frequency of pulsation, intensity of illumination, and more. Lighting control is intuitive with the XPG RGB Sync app, users can also use the software lighting control RGB from any of the major brands of motherboards.

Earlier this year, ADATA has announced that it broke up the D80 to the frequency 5584 MHz, which is a new record. This milestone was achieved with an Intel Core i9-9900K and the motherboard MSI GAMING EDGE MPG Z390I AC configuration with LN2-cooling. The first was a record of the frequency of memory processor Intel Core i9 9-th generation.