Extraordinary ecological situation of the Dnieper, too

Чрезвычайная экологическая ситуация: Днепра тоже касается

The world is becoming hotter and to live on Earth – all the more dangerous.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres said that the environmental situation on our planet has reached a critical level. There is a global climate change that will significantly affect the lives of all earthlings. About it reports a press-service of the UN.

For many indicators, the Earth was thrown to 3.5 million years ago. When the air temperature was much higher. But the level of carbon dioxide in it was exactly the same as now. This means that in the future will become hotter. Meanwhile, the July 2019 has already been named the hottest month in the history of mankind.

For this phenomenally hot summer in Greenland melted 179 billion tons of ice. Recall that the glaciers – a strategic reserve of drinking water on Earth. Due to global warming their number decreases very quickly. In 2019, the people said goodbye to the largest glacier in Iceland, he was the first who completely disappeared from the face of the Earth, and finally ceased to exist. The fires in Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland and in the Amazon resulted in the release of tens of megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This in turn destroys the ozone layer from space gets more solar energy and the temperature continues to rise.

“Everything that happens is an emergency climate situation. We need to keep the temperature rise within 1.5 ° C by the end of the century, to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide by 2050 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions until 2030, ” – said the Secretary General. For this all countries need to ensure the implementation of the Paris climate agreement.

Many believe that the global climate crisis does not affect their lives. After all, fires in the forests and the glaciers are so far away. But it’s not. Everything in the world is interconnected, and if somewhere on Earth there is a problem, then sooner or later it will affect everyone. Dnipro emergency environment is also a concern. Take for instance the Dnieper river and its tributaries. Waterways in recent years it has trivial due to global warming. Same thing with the dirt. Their reason – destructive human activities. River bloom not in themselves, but because of the construction of dams, which adversely affect the flow, and because of the constant discharges of harmful substances with many large enterprises.

“The other day driving on a bridge over the Dnieper river, drew attention to the very greatly increasing the green island of algae in the river. Every year they become more and more. This environmental problem is growing before our eyes. And we should not stand aside and pretend that we are not concerned. It is time to think. After all, with the pace our Dnieper river may soon turn into a swamp or disappear from the face of the earth,” writes a resident of the Dnieper Larissa.

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Чрезвычайная экологическая ситуация: Днепра тоже касается

Чрезвычайная экологическая ситуация: Днепра тоже касается

Чрезвычайная экологическая ситуация: Днепра тоже касается