Face ID can appear on Mac

Face ID может появиться на Mac

Apple is the company that carefully and reliably classify their new designs and products. But sooner or later the secret becomes clear – not least because of patents. Yesterday it became known about the next promising development, Apple has registered the Mac with support for facial recognition technology.

According to Patently Apple, the company submitted an application to the US Patent office a few years ago, however, a wide audience the document was made public only now.

Face scanner for Mac

In a new patent application describes a unique system of cameras with face detection function. Complex array of sensors TrueDepth is an improved scanner of the face. It is noted that the new technology will be able to monitor not only the owner, but also to scan the retina of the eye. This will undoubtedly improve the quality of identification and will allow the sensors to distinguish between the twins.

Another distinctive feature of the new technology – the ability to perform background scanning of space. In other words, the computer (even in sleep mode) will be able to determine when it is a person and automatically include facial recognition. In the case of a successful scan, the Mac will automatically log in under desired profile.

System cameras TrueDepth

Innovative sensors will be located around the webcam. It is possible that the Mac will apply the same projection system with points and infrared emitter, as in the Apple.

This is not the first patent in which Apple describes Mac supporting Face ID. Such frequent mention of proprietary technology in patent applications may indicate that the company is indeed planning to release a Mac or MacBook with the option of face recognition. The only question is how soon.

Face ID может появиться на Mac