Facebook, Google and Twitter cease cooperation with the Hong Kong police

Facebook, Google и Twitter прекращают сотрудничество с полицией Гонконга

The company’s Facebook, Twitter and Google temporarily cease to provide user data on request of law enforcement authorities of Hong Kong after China’s adoption of the controversial law on the national security of the region.

“Some of the world’s largest platform of social networks and the Internet said that cease to provide user data upon request of law enforcement agencies of Hong Kong during the revision of the controversial law passed by China”, – stated in the message.

According to the representative of Facebook and its mobile messenger service WhatsApp until the data exchange with the security forces of Hong Kong paused, continuing after a detailed review of China adopted a law on national security of the region.

Google and Twitter also took a pause in the exchange of data with law enforcement agencies of Hong Kong and began to examine the text of the law.

As reported, the standing Committee of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives, which exercises the legislative power, adopted the law on national security in Hong Kong.

The adoption of this law was criticized in EU, UK, USA and other countries. In particular, the Chinese authorities accused of violating obligations under the Hong Kong undertaken in the framework of the Sino-British agreement on the transfer of the territory of the PRC.

Also in the US said that it would begin to deprive Hong Kong’s privileged status because it ceased to be a separate part of China.

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