Facebook has filed a lawsuit against app developers, among them – Ukrainians

Facebook подал в суд на разработчиков приложений, среди них - украинцы

The company Facebook has suspended the “tens of thousands” of applications in the investigation of data leaks.

The social network has started him after the scandal about the transfer of data, more than 87 million users for a Cambridge Analytica, the press service of the company.

In particular, in the social network stressed that these are temporary measures and termination of the application is not necessarily a sign that they have received access to personal data.

The most important Telegram

At the same time, we know that multiple applications blocked entirely, but against their developers have filed lawsuits.

“Among them two Ukrainian developer Gleb Sluchevsky and Andrey Gorbachev, who were engaged in the theft of personal data of users through advertising and online tests,” according to Facebook.

Stated that was also blocked by the application of the South Korean company for data analysis Rankwave, Hong Kong and Singapore LionMobi JediMob. In Facebook found that they infect the user phone with malicious software.

Recall that in 2018 around Facebook also, there was a scandal because of the data breach. Then it became known that the company data analysis Cambridge Analytica, who worked on the presidential campaign of U.S. President Donald trump, illegally gained access to 87 million users of Facebook.

Facebook will direct $10 million to develop detection technology fakes

The founder of social network mark Zuckerberg has lost more than $5 billion due to data breaches of millions of users of Facebook.

Then the journalists found that Cambridge Analytica was to gather data about the Donbass by order of the authorities.

Soon, Zuckerberg admitted mistakes amid the scandal about the use of personal data. Facebook has closed access to any services for Cambridge Analytica.