Facebook has launched CatchUp application for group audio chats

Facebook запустила CatchUp - приложение для организации групповых аудиочатов

Latest experimental app from the experts of the Department of research and development Facebook bears the name of CatchUp, and is designed for group voice calls. The user can use status to indicate their willingness to accept the challenge and up to eight people will have the opportunity to join the conversation.

The app allows you to create groups of their friends or family members to, if necessary, to start a conversation directly with all participants, making literally one click. It should be noted that to interact with CatchUp is not required to have an account on Facebook, because this product works with the contact list of the user’s smartphone. In the settings menu you can specify which of your contacts list can join the group calls.

According to reports, the creation of a CatchUp was designed before sweeping the world of the pandemic of the coronavirus, but the situation prompted the team to speed up the process. Last week Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced its intention to allow more employees to work from home. In this regard, the company is trying to create more communication tools, and CatchUp is certainly one of them.

Due to the fact that people around the world have to follow the principles of social distancing and to comply with the quarantine, many have started to use services that allow video calls, including group. At the same time, the user may not want to be seen colleagues or relatives during intercourse. In this case, the CatchUp will be the tool with which you can quickly make a group audiobook.

Currently, the app CatchUp is available in the U.S. users of devices based on Android and iOS. When the software product may be more widely distributed, is still unknown.