Facebook is preparing to launch an analogue of TikTok in 50 countries

Facebook готовится запустить аналог TikTok в 50 странах

Users will be able to publish videos in the main belt Instagram

Company Facebook could launch its analogue TikTok service Instagram Reels in the next few weeks in the US and 50 countries.

It is reported that users will be able to access Reels through the new icon at the bottom of the screen in Instagram and publish videos in the main belt Instagram. Where service appears

Among the countries scheduled to launch the service call in addition to the NBC USA and also Britain, Japan, and Mexico.

Service Instagram Reels already working in Brazil since November of last year. As TikTok it allows users to create and share 15-second videos with music.

A month earlier, the service is also earned in France?? and Germany. A week earlier Reels start in India. It happened once at the end of June, India had blocked the TikTok and a number of Chinese applications. The story start

Global launch Reels can occur on the background of increased attention from Washington to the Chinese services – in early July, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo warned about the possibility of a ban TikTok , and many other Chinese applications.

Us lawmakers have expressed concern about the fact that TikTok processes user data. In particular, they are concerned about Chinese laws that require local companies to cooperate with the intelligence services of the PRC.

July 11, 2020 American technology giant Amazon has asked his staff to remove all devices from Chinese app TikTok.

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