Facebook is testing a new secret social network for Teens

Facebook тестирует новую секретную соцсеть для подростков

The Facebook company for several months is developing a new app LOL focused on adolescents.

In fact, this is a special tape for viewing memes, GIF animations and funny videos.

Facebook, in response to the request of journalists of the resource, confirmed that at the moment the company carries out a closed beta of LOL on a small number of American users, and the project is at an early stage of development.

New “social network” is tested among hundreds of pupils from the high schools who signed the confidentiality agreement.

It is reported that the content is automatically assembled from popular Facebook pages with memes and immediately divided into categories For you, the Animals, Raffles, Dips, and so forth.

In addition, users can upload their own videos or add addresses to automatically download.

Currently, the Facebook developers have not decided whether LOL part of the social network or will appear in a separate app.