Facebook launches new app for gamers: what is known about him

Facebook запускает новое приложение для геймеров: что о нем известно

Major technology companies are showing increased interest in the games industry. Confirmation of this may be announced or have already launched streaming services and the Facebook company decided not to lag behind and announced the launch of its own app for games.

According to the resource MSPoweruser, every month more than 700 million users of the social network games watch videos, play games or otherwise interact with gaming content.

What is known about Facebook Gaming? Therefore, the company has announced a new Facebook tab, Gaming for the primary mobile client and a separate dedicated application for smartphone users. It is argued that there gamers will be able to find interesting games, stream, theme groups and so on.

At first, the new function of Facebook Gaming will be launched for those users who showed interest in the in-game content, and then expand to the whole world. However, users who can’t find a tab on the main navigation bar, you will find it in menu “Bookmarks”.

Facebook запускает новое приложение для геймеров: что о нем известно

How will the service Facebook Gaming

In addition, on Android there is a beta of a standalone application, Facebook Gaming, which will offer more features than the tab. The app itself is already available, although subject to error.

Date of launch. At the moment, does not specify when the company will launch the release version everywhere, but is likely to delay this will. Given the recent global failure in the social network, companies really need to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the user. The innovation of Facebook Gaming may be approached for this role.

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