Facebook Messenger now supports voice messages on Windows 10

Facebook Messenger теперь поддерживает голосовые сообщения на Windows 10

Released latest update to Facebook Messenger for desktop. While this build is available in beta, but it already appeared the long-awaited feature recording and sending voice messages. It is available in version 310.9.109.0. So now the functionality of Facebook Messenger for Windows has become even a little closer to the mobile versions.

This feature is currently available to everyone. Download it in the Microsoft Store. The app itself supports notifications, the ability to send and view text, video, GIF and much more. The app supports stickers, and notes the view of certain messages.

The ability to create group chats with those who most often communicates with the user. You can call them his own and put the perfect photo or pictures for them. Also available is the ability to search people and groups, sending messages and photos to those who are not involved in the conversation, and more.

Other features of note dark mode, updated monk apps, full-screen deployment, improved smileys, and so on.